We have created a garden, an archive and a foundation for Ismael, according to his wishes in the last years of his life.
Please share your memories, texts, photographs, films etc. to for us to present and cherish for our inspiration and for future generations.


A man of hope, a man of truth, a man with an illuminated soul.
A liberator – he gave a voice to the oppressed.

Ismael showed us what is possible by taking risks, by moving and dancing social racial artistic and institutional boundaries.
He showed us the power of his passion and engaged our own with is eloquence, beauty and talent.

He was a visionary and a dreamer. One who created his very own universe by becoming a sun around which we now revolve.

Ismael knew that the expansion of the physical, mental and the emotional allows us to contribute to the growth of civilisation.

By dancing and vibrating our hearts and minds out of the ordinary world into the realm of greater consciousness and a higher quality of life.

We who had the honour of knowing him personally also have the responsibility of preserving his memory and his teachings for those who follow.

Marcel Kaskeline, President of the Foundation

Artist/Architect, Stage Set Designer, Collaborator and Manager of Ismaels Estate

The foundation resides in Nymphenburg Munich, Germany

Nymphenburg was originally named Borgo delle Ninfe, by Henriette Adelaide von Savoyen. This means the place, the home, the borgo of the Nymphes. Ismael was inspired by our location to dedicate himself to preserving the park and the castle of Schloss Nymphenburg. Here as in the rest of the world the peace and beauty of nature, the historical buildings and the uplifting impact these have on the population are in danger of being sacrificed to the interests of industry and politics.

Ismael celebrates the dance of life in all of its forms. He cultivated joy and empowered art. We honor and maintain this in his tradition and teachings. His movement, his way of dance, his way of life are artistic and political motors of change for a better world.


Preserve traditional beauty – protect flora, fauna and water

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the battle of the worlds in our times

creation versus destruction

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Nessi in the garden

Clean water for the planet, clean water for our communities, clean water in our blood streams

Biennale (Venezia; Ismael Ivo, Catherine Jennings and Presidente Marcel Kaskeline)